We go to Lagrange point (L2)

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James Webb Token

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Phase 1



✔Logo Design
-Marketing push to spread awareness
✔Website launch
-5000 telegram members
-Meme development
-JWT is Born!

Phase 2


-Influencer marketing push
-Listing on coin gecko
-Listing on coin market cap
-25,000 telegram members
-25,000 holders
-Third party audit
-Voluntary donation for community + charity partnership

Phase 3


-100,000 holders
-100,000 telegram members
-Air drop
-Large influencer marketing push
-More memes from community

Phase 4


-150,000 holders
-increase marketing
-JWT Swap
-Add way more memes
-Website Redesign
-JWT Wallet

Phase 5


-300,000 Holders
-Release JWT Swap
-Release NFT market place, NFT collection
- and . . . 

Our team
We are a team. Love space and stars.
We want to go to Lagrange point above the moon.
We do not want this project to be for one or more people.
This is for everyone.
We are the first way.
Our family is getting bigger and bigger.
Limited are those who love space and stars.
All projects talk about going to the moon.
But we want to go higher than the moon.
For example, James Webb, who is on his way to the point of Lagrange.

Radin Act
Mj Alex
FR Zad

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